Highly collaborative, with clear strategy and purpose.

“Merrick has done an excellent job navigating our Texas real estate portfolio

through several refinances, several major rehabilitation projects and day to day operations while always working to get the best performance out of our employees and vendors. Although our portfolio is a family business I sincerely believe Merrick would demonstrate the same tenacity, competency, honesty and management skills in any endeavor with which he was entrusted to oversee.”

Monroe Rosenthal

“It is so hard to find authentic real estate professionals, because everyone is pushing their own agenda. The exception, and who I turn to, is Ungar & Company. These are real people and they focus on the details­­ deal by deal.

Ryan Dawson

“I would recommend Ungar & Company without hesitation."

Gary Aldrich

“Merrick & Scott have always worked in our best interests and delivered results. I would highly recommend them because of their proven reliability, performance, and trustworthiness."

Michele Nasatir

"Scott and Merrick were an absolute pleasure to do business with! With a baby on the way we were searching for the perfect house quickly and they went above and beyond, helping us to find the perfect home for our family. Their sincerity and honesty is true to the core and we will definitely be working with them again in the future."

Matt Irvin